MAIO is a partner of FARADAY VENTURE PARTNERS, an entity dedicated to investment and the empowerment of entrepreneur initiatives.



MAIO is one of the founding partners of the ASOCIACIÓN FORO DE APOYO EMPRESARIAL, a non-profit entity the main aim of which is, among others, to strengthen the entrepreneur impetus of its associates and rally the interests thereof, while encouraging joint investments in business initiatives.




MAIO collaborates with the Foundation for Uterine Stem Cells (FICEMU in Spanish) a non-profit organization that supports research on stem cells by a research group from the Hospital de Jove de Gijón with the objective of finding a new source of stem cells and an extraction method that was less invasive and painful for patients and that permits easy growth in a laboratory.



MAIO results from the decision of a group of professionals who have launched their own project, applying new ideas to the organization, functioning, and development of legal services.


The idea

This initiative seeks to support other entrepreneurs who commence a new activity that is based on the development of new ideas, new products or a new form of doing things.


The project

The firm provides legal advice by their professionals to entrepreneurs in regard to specific projects in definition phases, in operation or during their start-up stages on a pro-bono basis without remuneration.


Integral perspective

The business project entails technical, economic, commercial and legal aspects. Accordingly, this activity is developed in collaboration with sector experts, entities specialized in financing entrepreneurs (Farraday, Fae, etc) and others.