Corporate commercial law (Madrid)

Corporate commercial law (Madrid Office)



As a predominantly commercial law firm, we rely on a department with broad experience dedicated exclusively to companies in all aspects of their corporate lives. Our activity focuses on the following areas:

  • Corporate and Corporate Governance: we advise on all procedures related to the incorporation of companies and the creation of subsidiaries, we prepare and negotiate shareholder agreements by-law reform and corporate restructuring as well as collaborating on corporate organization and governance of the entity by means of assumption, when a client requests it, of the Secretariat of the Board of Directors. Likewise, we represent our clients before competent public bodies. (Registries, the National Securities and Exchange Regulator etc.).
  • Mergers and acquisitions: we offer comprehensive consulting to companies which seek to redefine their objectives and growth strategies through the processes of mergers and acquisitions, including the sale purchase of companies, activity branches and assets, associate agreements etc. When the specific operation requires it, we perform the appropriate legal audits.
  • Commercial Contracting: we draft, negotiate and conclude all types of commercial contracts, both national as well as international, we advise our clients in their relations with institutional or private third parties, mediating and resolving conflicts arising within the framework of the commercial activity of our clients.
  • Securities Markets: we collaborate with listed companies or entities subject to the supervision of the National Commission of the Securities Market, thereby monitoring the activities of said entities in order to ensure their compliance with the applicable specific regulation and resolving any question that effects the lives of said entities.
  • Protection of Personal Data: we advise companies belonging to all types of sectors, both at a national and international level, with the objective or complying with the obligations arising form the relevant regulation in effect.
  • Services for the information society: We advise companies providing services over the Internet with the aim of ensuring compliance with the legislation on privacy, services of the information society and electronic commerce.
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property: we advise on the best way of ensuring the protection and development of the rights of intellectual and industrial property of our clients, both private companies as well as companies in multiple sectors.