Employment (Vigo)

Employment (Vigo Office)


The Labor Department deals with all individual and collective aspects related to the relationship between a company and its employees with proven experience in the following areas of Labor and Social Security Law, among others.

Advising on new hiring for purposes of determining the type of contract to sign as well as the drafting of labor contracts when required:

  • Legal Regime for senior managers.
  • Advising on questions that are presented in the development of labor relations in areas such as the management and control of labor activity, vacations, modifications of labor conditions, work safety and hygiene, etc.
  • Advising on matters related to the termination of individual labor contracts.
  • Intervention and defense in Labor Courts on all types of proceedings initiated against the Company as well as Social
  • Security in the broadest sense.
  • Assistance, preparation and processing at all stages of group layoffs as well as the legal defense required as a result of any challenges to such layoffs.
  • Intervention on the request of the Company in any area of group negotiation.
  • Assistance and defense of the Company on matters involving collective conflicts.
  • Assistance in questions related to the actions of the Labor Inspectorate on the subject of violations and sanctions of a labor nature, consisting of appearing before said body when necessary as well as the filing and pursuit of appeals of decisions, which may arise from said actions.
  • Filing and following appeals against acts involving infractions and liquidations of the Labor Inspectorate and Social
  • Security and against claims for debts with the General Treasury of the Social Security.
  • Advising on the subject of quotation, enrollments and un-enrollments of the workers who join or leave a company as well as the preparation of requests for deferrals and compensation of debts with the Social Security or questions related to benefits and pensions.