Litigation, penal & insurance (Madrid)

Litigation, Criminal Law and Insurance (Madrid Office)


Civil Procedure Area

Advising clients in the commercial, maritime, insurance and tax areas and on the public sector requires knowledge of procedural law in regard to all those aspects. The MAIO law firm relies on a litigation department that works in close collaboration with the other areas of practice at the firm.

At MAIO, we provide an integral defense of the litigation interests of our clients, departing from the principle that an attempt be made to exhaust all means of a friendly solution in the resolution of all disputes.

MAIO provides litigation services that address all types of contentious, commercial, civil, penal and administrative issues both in the courts as well as in arbitration with special mention of those related to:

  • Agency and Distribution Contracts.
  • Leasing and renting contracts.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Bankruptcy Law.
  • Execution of foreign judicial decisions.
  • Liability of Administrators.
  • Civil Liability.
  • Mediation.
  • D&O Insurance.
  • Penal Liability.

Criminal Law Area

MAIO relies on an expert team of criminal lawyers who provide advice, not only for actions before Judicial Courts, but also for the party reporting a crime as well as the defendant. More importantly, they offer specialized preventive criminal advice by means of the implementation of preventive penal protocols for companies and their administrators, Public Administrations, public officers, bodies etc.

MAIO penal lawyers are distinguished for their proven experience in processes involving:

  • Crimes against the Tax Ministry and Social Security Administration.
  • Crimes against assets, fraud, misappropriation, punishable bankruptcies, crimes related to industrial and intellectual property etc.
  • Money laundering, crimes committed at the helm of the company: corporate crime, insolvencies, misstatements, crimes against the rights of workers.
  • Crimes committed by civil servants and authorities, corruption, bribery, misappropriation of public funds, influence peddling etc.
  • Crimes committed against public servants and authorities: attacks, disobedience, coercion.
  • Crimes against Honor: Slander and Libel.
  • Crimes against persons.

Lastly and in application of the recent and novel Act 5/12 on Mediation in Civil and Commercial Matter, framed as an initiative within the Plan for the Modernization of Justice, MAIO provides the option of attempting, prior to litigation, an extrajudicial solution of the dispute through the intervention of a mediator, who has, among their functions, that of facilitating communication between parties, as well as access to information and sufficient advising, taking an active role in achieving a middle ground between them.

Insurance Area

In a manner closely linked to the litigation area, at MAIO we advise both national and international insurance and mutual companies in relation to the coverage of risks within Spain including the defense of loss claims (having broad experience in the field of large industrial losses) as well as in the processes of incorporation and liquidation, creation of branches and mergers and portfolio transfers.

In the area of maritime insurance, we advise ship owners, shippers and logistics operations in all that which is related to coverage and crisis management due to losses including all risk coverage of decks and machinery, P&I and FD&D both in that related to the signing of contracts as well as the defense of their interests in the case of loss.

In the scope of insurance of commercial activities, MAIO has broad experience with D&O insurance, advising managers and board members of top Spanish and foreign entities, given the significant increase in this type of insurance within the Spanish market in recent years.. Likewise, we have clients in the field of RC insurance for large losses and financial coverage lines.

Angel Vallejo is at the helm of the litigation, penal and insurance departments with proven experience in the advice related to coverage, management of losses and in the defense of the interests of insurers and the insured before all types of courts and judicial and arbitrational tribunals.