Town Planning Practice (Madrid)

Town Planning Practice (Madrid Office)



The department of urban planning law provides comprehensive advice during development phases and in areas involving competence both for principal players in the promotion and management of lands as well as for individuals, private entities, financial entities, real estate funds, family offices and public administrations.

Our services include:

  • The formulation and handling of all types of instruments of general and development planning (partial plans, special plans, detailed studies etc.). Review procedures and specific planning modifications, taking into account the regulations of the various autonomous communities according to each specific case.
  • Drafting of briefs including suggestions and claims during the public information phases of the various planning instruments.
  • Assistance in negotiation and drafting of Urban Agreements as well as acting as a liaison with the various Administrations involved, technical authorities and politicians.
  • Production of urban Due Diligence reports with analysis of legal viability of proposed operations and valuation of legal urban risks prior to any legal operation (transaction, merger, public offers, etc.)
  • Analysis of the feasibility of whatever deal where are involved town planning matters, by issuing reports of legal feasibility.
  • Comprehensive advice on land management. Participation on Compensation Boards, Collaborating Urban Planning entities, procedures with Urban planning Agent, re-zoning projects, supplementary legal operations, urbanization procedures and advice on files of eminent domain.
  • Comprehensive advice on obtaining of all types of licenses, permits and urban authorizations (works licenses, first occupancy licenses, operating licenses, activity licenses, etc.)
  • Advice on legalization filings, adaptation filings, renovation filings, disciplinary or sanctioning procedures.
  • Drafting of reports, expert opinions and legal opinions on any matters falling within the different urban planning areas and in particular for the revaluation and optimization of real estate portfolios.
  • Drafting of regulatory texts (municipal ordinances) and advice on systemization of portfolios of owned by public administrations.


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