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Marco Bolognini, elegido presidente de Globalaw

El diario económico Expansión se ha hecho eco del nombramiento de nuestro socio Marco Bolognini como nuevo presidente mundial de Globalaw, red internacional de despachos que cuenta con bufetes asociados en 85 países.

Bolognini tomará posesión del cargo en octubre de 2017, por un mandato de dos años y sustituyendo en el cargo a Bryan Birkeland, socio del bufete texano Hackson Walker.

Diario Expansión

Marco Bolognini designated Chair of BDC in Globalaw

The founding partner of MAIO Legal, Marco Bolognini, has been named as Officer of Business Development Committee of Globalaw. His committed will be managing assigned budget and leading growth operations, particularly in Business Initiatives: real estate, mining, renewable energies, etc. In addition, he will supervise the meetings programme, improving the brand Globalaw among other global law networks of excellence, so he also will be the person responsible for relations with other organizations.


This designation is very relevant because of the implications which entails. Marco Bolognini will be a lawyer fully involved in Globalaw’s governance, with a trust role of the President, Bryan Birkeland, partner of the office Jackson Walker in Texas, USA.