Criminal economic area (Vigo)

Criminal Law area (Vigo Office)


The Penal Code provides for criminal liability of legal persons, which today means that the company as well as the administrators or agents, may be sanctioned for acts committed both by them as well as employees who report to them. At MAIO Legal, we implement a protocol for the prevention of criminal liability of legal persons for the purpose of providing companies with a system for reducing the possibility of commission of criminal acts and that in turn, in the case that they occur, allow that circumstances, which reduce punishment, play a role at the time of sentencing.

In addition, we have lawyers specialized in the area of prevention of Money Laundering and therefore, we also provide this service. Moreover, we have proven experience in criminal procedures before Legal Courts, thereby being specialists in economic crimes, corporate crimes, crimes committed in the labor area, crimes committed by civil servants and authorities, environmental crimes and those committed against the national legal system.