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The Lisbon office, formerly called “SMCA”, was born in 2002, with Luís Morais Cardoso as its founding partner. In 2018, it merged with the firm “Sebastião de Sousa Pinto & Associados”, based in Porto. In 2022, it joined MAIO Legal

The office has a team of professionals, with extensive experience and recognition in the diverse legal areas, who works in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.

Oficina Madrid

Areas of practice


Nuno Atalho | Junior

Ana Maria Dias | Of Counsel

Bernardo Correia de Sá | Of Counsel

Luís Mascarenhas Gaivão | Sócio

Luís Morais Cardoso | Sócio

Pedro Felner Pinto | Of Counsel

Luís Plata | Junior

Leonor de Quinhones Levy | Associada

José António Ramalho | Of Counsel

Paulo de Sousa Pinto | Sócio


Lisbon Office

Av. Conselheiro Fernando de Sousa 19, 17.º Dto.
1070-072 Lisboa, Portugal
T:+351 21 382 78 40
F: +351 21 382 78 45