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At MAIO Legal we have professionals with proven experience in legal advice to both individuals as well as organizations, thereby providing assistance to our clients in criminal processes from the side of both the defendant as well as the plaintiff in all types of courts and tribunals.

Our professionals have a broad background in the courts which ensures legal counselling throughout the entire proceeding.

Our proven experience enables us to formulate the most effective strategy.



As criminal lawyers, we advise our clients in all areas of criminal law both for preventive purposes as well as in procedures in the criminal system.

At MAIO Legal, we render criminal advice to the company in the following areas:

‒   Criminal risks that may be committed in the company.

‒   Corporate crimes: in the defense or raising charges on behalf of the company, its directors, administrators or shareholders.

‒   Acting on behalf of an individual plaintiff when the client has incurred damage.

‒   Legal defense in the courts: in any of the phases and in any jurisdictional body.


‒  Activities involving fraud at the Tax Agency.

‒  Intervention in major cases filed before the Investigative Courts as well as the National Audience Court.

‒  Fraudulent activities involving European subsidies.

‒  Crimes involving prevarication and embezzlement of public funds committed by authorities.