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Family Businesses

We advise family companies with a multi-disciplinary team that is familiar with the peculiarities of this type of company and that has proven experience and practice in various jurisdictions such as Spain, Mexico, Italy and Panama.


Our skills in the area of advice to family companies include:

‒  Development of a Family Protocol. Agreements for companies, marriage regimes, wills, family councils, family meetings, labor regulation in a family company, micro-liquidity regulation, structure of liquidity framework, trusts, family foundations.

Family law proceedings.

Administration, participation and awarding of inheritance, judicial succession procedures.

Tax planning for the family and company.

Definition of the corporate structure, considering operational, accounting, tax and corporate operations.

‒  Mediation, arbitration and legal proceedings for resolving family conflicts.


‒  Oriol Prósper has been recognized as a distinguished lawyer by the directory, Best Lawyers.