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Accounting law

We have a team of economists with expertise in Accounting Law, which allows us to provide specialized advice in regard to accounting rules and doctrine (both nationally as well as internationally) to national companies and multi-national groups.


Our professional skills on the subject of accounting entail, among others, the following actions:

‒  Advice related to the application of Spanish accounting rules (General Accounting Plan and General Accounting Plan of Small and Medium-Size Companies) sector adaptations and the resolutions of the Institute of Accounting and Account Auditing IAAA (ICAC in Spanish) and the doctrine set forth in consultations published in the Official Report of the IAAA.

‒  Advice related to the application of the International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS) issued by the IASB (International Accounting Standards Board) and their interpretations made by the IFRIC.(International Financial Reporting Interpretation Committee).

‒  Determination of the approach and accounting registry for corporate restructuring operations (acquisitions, mergers and spin-offs).

‒  Advice on the drafting of consolidated annual accounts, including the definition of the consolidation perimeter, the identification of the prior standardizations and the determination of adjustments and eliminations, regulated under the consolidation rules.

‒  Determination of the eliminations and incorporations arising from the application of the special scheme for tax consolidation at headquarters under Company Tax and assistance with the drafting of consolidated financial statements.

‒  Assistance with drafting financial statements under the international regulation for Spanish companies belonging to multinational groups.

‒  Production of reports and rulings related to accounting issues of a particular complexity (complex financial instruments, business combinations, procedures for labor restructuring due to economical, technical, operating or productive causes (ETOP) etc.).

‒  Support on dialogue with auditors.

‒  Formulation of consultations with the ICAC.

‒  Advice on accounting issues raised at bankruptcy procedures or at other types of procedures.