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Regulatory Compliance

We provide permanent or specific advice on compliance to Spanish and foreign companies as well as individual business owners.

We rely on a multi-disciplinary team of committed lawyers and engineers who are specifically prepared for compliance within organizations and are up-to-date on the various legal and regulatory changes. This allows us to advise our clients on the development of organization models and the management of criminal risks as well as the implementation of regulatory compliance systems and crime prevention.

We assist on the restructuring that the units require in regard to the Regulatory Compliance of companies.



We assist clients with the management of criminal risks in the following areas for purposes of example:

‒ Assistance in the creation of a regulatory compliance body or the review of the competences of the existing body.

‒ Analysis of the criminal risks of a company.

Establishment and management of a channel of grievances within the company.

‒ Drafting of corporate disciplinary codes.

‒ Participation on committees concerning regulatory compliance.

‒ Specific and continuous training within the company in matters of compliance.



‒ Implementation of penal compliances in companies of the various sectors such as public works, telecommunications, canneries, transport.