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Intellectual Property and Information Technologies

We advise on the best way to ensure the protection and exercise of the intellectual and industrial property of our clients, both individuals as well as companies in multiple sectors.

We help protect the valuable intangible rights of our clients.



For purposes of example, our professional experience in this area includes:

‒  Advice and monitoring of all the national industrial European and international procedures related to brands, patents and designs.

‒  Commercial Transactions and negotiation and preparation of contracts for the transfer and licensing of industrial and intellectual property rights.

‒  Negotiation and production of computer contracts.

‒  General advice on the legal framework of copyrights and rights associated with copyrights.

‒  Negotiation and preparation of contracts on the editing and production of phonograms, audiovisual productions, transfer of formats and acquisition of contents.

‒  Advice in regard to licenses of entities which manage intellectual property rights.

‒  Management of an intellectual property portfolio and strategic consulting.

‒  Due diligence focused on intellectual property assets.

‒  Protection of technical skills and confidential commercial information (business secrets).

‒  Preliminary, substantive and executive litigation on intellectual and industrial property.


‒  Legal advice and registry of European patents of a pharmaceutical company.

‒  Negotiation of various computing contracts for a software developer client.

‒  Preparation of contracts of various performing artists at an international music festival.

‒  Within various acquisition operations (from a national magazine, a publisher, a company developing videogames) negotiation of the transfer of copyrights and industrial property.