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We provide advice on financing operations based on our work for financial entities, capital risk entities and entities in the private and public sector.

Our practice is not limited to national transactions, but also includes those in international areas, especially in Europe and Latin America.

Our knowledge and experience in the areas of administration and projects facilitate the development of operations.



For purposes of example, our professional experience includes:

‒   Financing operations and corporate restructuring.

‒   Financing operations for entities of the public sector while taking into account their particularities insofar as procedures for contracting, budgetary stability and financial control.

‒   Syndicated credits.

‒   Operations of project financing including the sectors of renewables, energy, mining, infrastructures in national and international transactions.

‒  Structured financing operations of assets, especially aircraft and vessels.

‒   Advising public and private investment funds on both a national and international level in capital risk operations in regard to industrial, energy and infrastructure projects.

‒  Including the design of the structure of the operation (taking into account tax considerations, due diligence, drafting of financing documents, drafting of project documents, drafting of guarantees (pledges, mortgages, credit transfers, reserving domains, trusts) coverage operations (CMOF ISDA), legal opinions.

‒   Incluyendo diseño de la estructura de la operación (teniendo en cuenta consideraciones fiscales), due diligence, redacción de los documentos de la financiación, redacción de los documentos del proyecto, redacción de garantías (prenda, hipoteca, cesión de créditos, reservas de dominio, fideicomisos), operaciones de cobertura (CMOF, ISDA), opiniones legales.


The following are some of the recent transactions on which we have provided advice:

‒   To banking entities in the structuring and execution of syndicate operations of corporate financing.

‒   To the promoter in the financial closing of projects involving various photovoltaic energy plants for a total of 350 MW.

‒   To the promoter in the financial closing of a project for a 50 MW biomass plant.

‒   To an investment fund in relation to capital risk financing in addition to the structured financing of assets, naval construction and operation of vessels.

‒   To an investment fund regarding the financing via risk capital of a concession contract for the construction and operation of a highway in Mexico.

‒   To an investment fund regarding financing for the acquisition of real estate assets and their promotion.

‒   To an investment fund in seed capital financing of start-ups in relation to the commercial secto.


‒   Oriol Prósper has been recognized as a prestigious lawyer by the directory, Best Lawyers.