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Human Rights

We ensure compliance with national and international legal standards across all areas of practice, through proceedings before both Spanish and European and international courts and tribunals.

In this sense, we evaluate the violations that may have occurred to both individuals and legal entities in any type of procedure, in order to design a personalised strategy from the perspective of the fundamental rights at stake.

In addition, human rights compliance and litigation risks are becoming concerns for many companies and organisations wherever they operate. Our team helps clients address the increasingly complex legal requirements in this area.

We work with multidisciplinary teams to guarantee the best defence of fundamental rights in any field.



Our service in this area includes:

‒  Preventive advice aimed at developing internal documents and company policies on good practices and corporate social responsibility.

‒  We assist in the implementation of compliance systems that ensure respect for human rights by business actors, enabling companies to meet their duties and commitments in accordance with existing national and international regulations and principles.

‒  Appeal proceedings before the Constitutional Court.

‒  Applications to the European Court of Human Rights.

‒  Actions before regional and universal bodies for the protection of human rights, such as those established in the European, American, African and United Nations systems.