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Banking and Finance

We provide advice both on complex, one-time operations of the sector as well as on questions that concern the day-to-day of the regulated entity.

Our clients in this sector include banking entities, investment services companies and non-institutional companies and clients both on a national as well as international level. 

We place special emphasis on coordination with our clients in order to anticipate questions that may arise.



Our advice in this area covers various aspects:

‒  Authorized, incorporation or establishment of regulated entities in Spain.

‒  Banking contracts: loans, credit lines, deposits, guarantees, factoring, confirming etc.

‒   Contracting between entities: syndicates, sale purchase of debt, transfer of credits.

‒   Regulatory compliance.

‒   Procedures involving client claims against banking entities, investment services companies, etc. both in the phase involving the client service departments as well as in the phase involving the supervisory authority.

‒  Rules of conduct and good practices in the financial sector.

‒  Advising regulated entities during the supervisory and inspection services of the entity by the corresponding supervisory authority.

‒  Support in the relations between the regulated entity and the supervisory body.


‒  Ordinary advice to banking entities in regard to contracts with clients and other entities as well as on the subject of regulatory compliance.

‒  Providing guidance to companies rendering services related to European investment in regard to their businesses in Spain on all questions related to contracting with clients and providers, regulatory compliance, client claims and supervision by the National Commission of the Security Markets (CNMV).

‒  Preparation of various legal opinions within the framework of projected loan operations by a US banking entity under the auspices of a major Spanish banking group.

‒  Drafting of reports on different regulatory questions in the banking area in Spain for foreign financial entities.


‒  Marco Bolognini has been recognized as a distinguished lawyer in the Banking and Finance area in the global edition of the Chambers & Partners directory.

‒  Marco Bolognini and Alfonso Martínez Nuñez have been recognized as distinguished lawyers by the directory, Best Lawyers.