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Civil Litigation

We have a civil procedure area that works closely with the other practice areas of the firm for a comprehensive defense of the litigation interests of clients in situations involving conflicts of a civil and commercial nature.

Nevertheless, experience has shown that the judicial process does not always constitute the most ideal means for the resolution of conflicts in all legal areas due, among other reasons, to the personal, economic and time costs of the parties involved. For that reason, MAIO also provides the opportunity prior to litigation to attempt extrajudicial solutions to the controversy by means of the intervention of a mediator who among their functions serves to facilitate communication among parties as well as access to information and provide sufficient advice, thereby undertaking an active role in achieving a rapprochement between them.

We construct multi-disciplinary team in order to adapt them to the specific needs of the client.


Mariana Ortigão de Oliveira


Our practice includes different types of procedures with particular emphasis on those related to:

‒  Liability actions: of administrators, professional, contractual and extra-contractual.

‒   Corporate conflicts: among shareholders, challenges of resolutions, unfair competition, etc.

‒  Civil and commercial contracts: urban leases and condominiums, general contracting conditions, contracts for agency, distribution, concessions, leasing, renting and franchise, claims of amounts.

‒   Processes of execution in Spain: foreign judicial resolutions.


‒   Legal advice and guidance in a judicial proceeding of a company that had been hired by the holder of an administration license for the construction and subsequent operation of a major airport infrastructure. Various vices resulted in the contract ceasing to be economically viable. Our client had tried unsuccessfully on reestablishing the economic equilibrium of the contracts or its termination with the corresponding indemnification of damages.

‒   Legal advice and guidance to a client dedicated to the rendering of technological services related to means of payment, ticketing, security and mobility. It was sued for contractual liability by an entity that had hired its services and filed a claim for the source code of the product that had been delivered by our client and an indemnification of more than €500,000.00. In addition to the claim, the opposing party also requested the adoption of preliminary injunctions.

‒   Legal advice and guidance to an insurance company in arbitration, arising from the collection action filed against the person liable for the damages caused during the transportation of merchandise with a high economic value and which was owned by the insured of our client.


‒  Ángela González Cotro and Ángel Vallejo have been recommended as distinguished lawyers of 2020 by the directory, Best Lawyers.