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We have professionals, specialized in administrative, corporate, tax and financial legal advice capable of providing solutions adapted to the concerns raised by our clients.

In addition, we have experience with national and international transactions in a multitude of contexts such as highways, railways, airports, hospitals, water, environment, public equipment etc. and have worked for the Government, promoters, financial entities and contractors.

Our analytical focus and understanding of business enable us to provide appropriate solutions to clients.



Our advice in the area of infrastructures :

‒   The regulatory framework and decisions that the Administrations may adopt. 

‒  Public contracting including the definition of the management -SEC 2010- service contracts, concessions, public-private cooperation, CPP, contracting procedures, execution and modification of contracts.

‒   Acquisitions of companies in the infrastructure sector, including the process of legal review, investment contracts, sale purchase contracts, partnership contracts, formalization of investment or transfer.

‒   Promotion of infrastructure projects for highways, railways, airports, theaters, hospitals, cleaning services, water supply and treatment.

‒  Engineering and construction contracts, including project contracts, project and works, EPC and turnkey-including FIDIC models−.

‒   Judicial procedures, including claims for vices and defects of works, claims concerning overrun, claims for economic rebalancing, liquidation of concession contacts, indemnification for the termination of contracts.


The following are some of the recent transactions on which we have provided advice:

‒   An investment fund acquiring a stake in the concession of a highway in Colombia.

‒   A promoter in regard to the acquisition by a concession company of highway in Mexico.

‒   A promoter in the acquisition of a concession company in regard to a metro in a city in Spain.

‒   The Administration in regard to the liquidation of various contracts for the supply and treatment of water.

‒   The Administration in a public tender of a contract for the operation and development of a highway in the north of Spain.


‒  Oriol Prósper has been recognized as a distinguished lawyer by the directory, Best Lawyers.