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We provide advice on all the phases of development and areas of competence to both the principal national and international actors in the promotion and management of land as well as private individuals, private entities, financial entities, real estate funds, family offices and public administrations.

We provide our advice to all the sectors of the economy with particular emphasis on the sectors of real estate, construction, pharmaceuticals, industry, restoration, hotels, telecommunications, energy, health, distribution and consumption and automation.

Our specialization and experience ensure finding practical solutions for the business of our client.



Among others, our professional services include the following actions:

‒   Formulation and handling of all types of instruments of general planning and development: partial plans, special plans, studies of detail etc.

‒   Review procedures or the occasional modification of planning, taking into account the different rules in the autonomous regions according to the specific case.

‒   Drafting of documents on suggestions and allegations in the public information phases of the various planning instruments.

‒   Assistance with the negotiations and drafting of planning agreements as well as undertaking a dialogue with the various Administrations involved and technical and political authorities.

‒  Production of urban due diligence reports with the analysis of the legal viability of the operations proposed and evaluation of the prior legal urban risks to any legal operation such as a transaction, merger, initial stock market listing etc.

‒  Comprehensive advice on land management. Participation on Compensation Boards, Urban Collaboration Entities, procedures with the Urban Planning Agent, projects of reparcelling, complementary judicial operations and urban procedures.

‒  Comprehensive advice on the handling of all types of licenses, permits and urban authorizations: works licenses, first occupation licenses, opening and activities licenses, liability statements, changes of ownership etc.

‒  Advice on cases involving legalization, suitability and rehabilitation, disciplinary or sanctioning procedures, formulation of appeals in the administrative channel related to urban planning matters.

‒   Drafting of reports, expert opinions and legal opinions on any topic comprising the different urban disciplines and in particular, for the revaluation and optimization of real estate portfolios.


Some of the most relevant services in terms of volume or specialization, provided in recent years, have included the following urban planning advice for the:

‒  Sale and lease transaction of a portfolio with more than 200 commercial real estate assets of a Financial Entity.

‒   Regularization of industrial real estate with more than 4 million m2 which is owned by a Public Entity.

‒   Sale purchase of an emblematic office building in a Madrid township for an important family office.

‒   Construction of an office building in Madrid for a major national promotor group.

‒  Due diligence report for the construction of a sports and shopping center in Andalusia.

‒   Rehabilitation processes of historical buildings in Madrid for a private investment group.

‒   Acquisition of various real estate of a residential, commercial and entertainment nature in the Community of Madrid.

‒   Reclassification of lands for the expansion of industrial installations for an important international food group.

‒   Financing of the construction of a shopping center in Andalusia.

‒  Acquisition of three hotel buildings by an international fund in Madrid.

‒   Processing of an amendment to urban planning for the installation of mining activity in various locations for an international group.

‒  Urban planning due diligence for the implementation of university residential use in Andalusia for a national promoter group.


‒  Yohana Calachi has been recognized by Best Lawyer in urban planning in 2020.