Shipping transport (Madrid)

Shipping transport (Madrid Office)



The shipping and transport business sector involves certain international and urgent aspects that are expertly handled by our Shipping Department. The answers to legal questions, which may arise in the international shipping market, must be, on one hand, extremely agile while at the same time, based on strong reasoning in order to avoid legal problems in the future. Therefore, at MAIO we respond to both aspects, thereby providing both immediate attention (24/7) and a very well-founded legal assistance.

With such an agile and practical approach and strong vocation, MAIO offers legal advice in the following areas:

  • Charter, towage and shipping carriage.
  • Storage contracts and logistics operations.
  • Salvage and collisions.
  • Arrest, seizure and detention of vessels.
  • Shipping Insurance and legal assistance in case of incident.
  • Land and air transport.
  • Cargo claims.
  • P&I and FD&D cover.
  • Maritime pollution cases due to hydrocarbons.
  • Port concessions and activities.
  • Shipping and transports infrastructures.
  • Marine arbitration, as well as that involving land and air transports.


Ángel Vallejo, with a national and international career in all kind of shipping and transports claims, leads the Shipping and Transports Department and combines his legal and procedural activity with his role as a speaker at prestigious maritime forums, namely the traditional Maritime Law Conference in San Sebastian, Mendoza’s University (Argentina) and IESE. Julia Rubiales, who has participated, together with Ángel Vallejo, in relevant national and international claims, serves as an additional reference at the consolidated Shipping Department.

In addition, Chambers said:

Department head Ángel Vallejo “considers all details of a dispute in order to win it. He has a strong analytical capacity and pays great attention to detail”, say interviewees. [Chambers 2014]

Head of department Ángel Vallejo attracts glowing feedback from clients and peers. "He is a reliable lawyer, down to earth and always available," according to a source. [Chambers 2013]