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Javier Gómez Taboada | Partner


+34 98 612 01 70


Javier is a partner, and heads the Tax Department in the Vigo office.
He has more than 25 years of experience, having developed his professional career at J&B Cremades (Madrid), PWC (Madrid and Vigo) and EY (Vigo).

Fiscally advises companies from very diverse economic sectors, as well as intervenes in numerous tax procedures (inspection, recovery of undue income, patrimonial responsibility, …) and in appeals in all administrative and judicial instances against the claims of the Tax Administration.

Likewise, he also has extensive professional experience in tax advice to personal and family assets, whether of a private or business nature.

In addition, Javier develops a dynamic activity both in the teaching field (he is a member of the faculty of four academic institutions, teaching classes in the tax area in as many postgraduate courses), and in the media (he is the author of the tribune “Tributary Soliloquies” in the Atlántico newspaper, of a tax section in the Madrid Notarial College magazine and co-author of the Fiscalblog blog; as well as a regular contributor to various media) and in the institutional one, as an active member of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors, has coordinated its Group of Experts on Corporation Tax, is a member of its Institutional Council and its Board of Directors, in which it is responsible for Studies and Research.

Academic background

Master in Tax Consulting from the Business Institute. Graduated in Law at the University of Salamanca

Degree in Law at the University of Salamanca






Spanish Association of Tax Advisors (AEDAF)

Vigo Bar Association

Teaching activity

Professor at the School of Legal Practice of the Complutense University of Madrid

Professor of the Master’s Degree in Business Legal Advice at the University of La Coruña

Professor of the Master in Tax Consulting of the College of Economists of La Coruña

Professor of the Master in Tax Consultancy at the School of Finance

Recent publications

“The suspension of the extra-collection effects of tax assessments” (Tax Letter -CT-; November / 2009)

“Package IV A: bullfighting shame” (Interactive Magazine of Actualidad -RIA-; AEDAF January / 2010)

“The scope of the suspension of tax assessments: beyond payment” (Judicial Law Studies no 156; CGPJ; April / 2010)

“Disquisitions about the deadline to initiate the TPC (…)” (CEF Accounting and Taxation no 326; May / 2010)

“The objective scope of the suspension of tax acts: new reflections” (CT; October / 2010)

“The questionable constitutionality of the preclusive period to challenge alleged tax acts” (Technical Tributary Magazine -RTT- no 92; AEDAF January-March / 2011)

“The appeal as a chimera? (…) ”(VII Tax Congress, CGPJ / AEDAF; September / 2011),

“The ruling of the Supreme Court of 6/20/2011: a light in the tunnel of the suspension of tax assessments?” (Tax Tribune No. 254; December / 2011)

“A new scenario in the suspension of settlements: the STS of 6/20/2011” (RIA; AEDAF December / 2011)

“Tax options, the new trench?” (Actualidad Jurídica Aranzadi / AJA no 837; February / 2012)

“Tax options: when the earth opens up under our feet” (Aranzadi Fiscal Fortnight no 5; March / 2012)

“In return with the suspension of tax assessments: the SAN of 9/2/2012” (AJA no 850; October / 2012)

“A constitutional perspective of the suspension of tax assessments (…)” (AJA no 856; January / 2013)

“VAT-subsidies: the SAN of 4/24/2013, a missed opportunity?” (AJA no 866; June / 2013)

“The TEAC resolution of 4/24/2013” (RIA; AEDAF September / 2013)
Three chapters of the manual “Corporation Tax” (Thomson-Aranzadi; September / 2013)

“SMEs: the Supreme Court arrived and ordered to shut down” (AJA no 874, November / 2013)

“Asset liability vs. firm tax settlements: a wrong debate?” (La Ley Newspaper -DLL- 3/17/2014)

“Related tax obligations: a theory about their genesis” (DLL 29/9/2014)

“The reverse of related obligations: victory of order or defeat of justice?” (Working Document 19/2015; Institute of Fiscal Studies, MHA APP)

“Is article 68 unconstitutional? 9 LGT?” (DLL 1/24/2017)

“On the questionable practice of the TEAs when they inadmissible suspension requests” (RIA; AEDAF July / 2017)

“The STS of 12/21/2017: A new scenario in suspension” (RIA; AEDAF January / 2018)