Mediation & arbitration (Vigo)

Mediation & arbitration (Vigo Office)


Experience has demonstrated to us that the legal option is not always ideal for resolving conflicts in many legal areas due to, among reasons, the personal, economic and time costs for those involved. Maio Legal provides the option of attempting, prior to litigation, to reach a settlement of the dispute through the intervention of a mediator, who plays the role of facilitating communication between the parties as well as facilitating access to information and sufficient counseling, developing an active attitude for reaching common ground among the parties involved.

For all these reasons, we have created a mediation and arbitration company for purposes of offering our clients a comprehensive and innovative service at the time of a search for a solution to disputes in which they may be involved, including, if the case, professional counseling on all types of consequences that arise from the various opportunities for a solution with the aim that they may choose which is the most satisfactory for their interests.