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Associated with the local firm, Lacasa Abogados, Palacios & Partners, the Zaragoza office began its activity in 2007. Since that time, it has grown significantly and merged with MAIO in 2021.

This office features a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers and economists, engaged in the areas of practice related to accounting, commercial law and litigation as well as corporate compliance, who usually work in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Oficina Madrid

Areas of practice


Javier Echávarri | Partner

Carlos García | Partner

Roberto Tambo | Partner

Elena Martín | Senior

Lorena Simón | Senior

María Pilar Embarba | Senior

Francisco Lamuela | Associate

Isabel Amoribieta | Associate

Belén Esteban | Associate

Paula Jiménez | Associate

Andrea Tirado | Junior


Zaragoza Office

Plaza de los Sitios 12, Principal
50001 Zaragoza
T: +34 976 794 888
F: +34 976 794 889